The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin January 16, 2018

Do you want to install a premium roofing system with low maintenance cost? Then check out the benefits of algae resistant shingles and why you should consider them for residential roofs.

When choosing a roofing system for our houses, we don’t only look at how effective it can work with protecting our interior. Some concerns to also look include the maintenance demands as well as its lifespan.

While the shingle roofings are among the most popular and effective roofing systems for years, one drawback on them is they are prone to algae buildup.

The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

A Shingle Roofing System With Resistance To Algae Growth

Fortunately today, technology has become more advanced. Roof developers have found ways to develop a shingle roofing system with resistance to algae growth. Because of these new laminated shingles, mold, mildew, and algae can be prevented from groeing on the roof which can cause a number of negative effects on it.

You may call today for a professional installation of this roofing system. Moreover, here are the advantages of these algae resistant shingles:

The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

1. Keep The Roof Stain Free

An algae buildup can stain your roof. Moreover, these stains can be quite difficult to remove. Aside from that, when the stain is not noticed at its earlier stages, it will become more and more difficult to remove. Worst, it won’t be removed anymore.

This gives a discoloration to the panels of your roof, making it look older than it is. Thus, installing a shingle roofing system with resistance to algae growth prevent stains from building up as well as roof discoloration.

2. Maintain An Energy Efficient Roofing

Darker colors absorb more heat, while the lighter colors, less. An algae buildup results in a darker color of your roof panels. Thus, when your roof colors become darker due to discoloration, more heat will be absorbed by the shingles.

This will result in more heat that can penetrate the interior of your home, making it warmer. This also means that you need to increase your cooling usage to cool down your interior. One of the benefits of algae resistant shingles is that by preventing the building up of the algae, you also maintain a low cooling cost for your interior.

3. Prevent Early Damage

The algae resistant shingles also prevent stains and early damage to your roof. These organisms can slowly eat up the parts of your roofs, causing damage to it. The damages may stat with small leaks and cracks, until holes may start to appear due to the constant building up of these organisms on your roofing system.

4. Lower The Cleaning And Maintenance Cost

The architectural asphalt roofing shingles laminated with algae resistant properties serve as a protector from the algae to grow on the roofing panels. Because of this, there may also be a lesser chance for the mold and mildew to grow there. Thus, cleaning and maintenance cost becomes lower.

Why You Should Install Algae Resistant Shingles for Your Home

Prevent Stains And Early Damage To Your Roof

Have a better performing roofing system for your residential house structure. Prevent stains and early damage to your roof. Install algae resistant shingles on your roofs now.