When Do I Know That I Need a Roof Repair?

Posted by roofcoadmin April 3, 2018

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Bad weather and age can both contribute to a failing roof. Homeowners understandably want to postpone repairs on their roof until they are absolutely sure they are necessary. That makes sense given that the average roof repair cost is around $774. Depending on the work that needs to be completed, that bill could even reach into the thousands.

You can avoid paying for unnecessary repairs by identifying the key warning signs that your roof needs attention. Evaluate your roof using these guidelines before you call a repair company.

Shingles Are in Disrepair

Your shingles are usually the easiest way to spot a pending roof repair. One of the early signs that homeowners can usually identify is cracked or curled shingles. They will often change shape as the roof ages, and this is one of the first signs that they won’t be able to effectively do their job. Alternatively, they might be extremely dark in color or wet from moisture that is getting trapped beneath them. This is another major sign that the shingles aren’t doing their job properly.

If you have large sections of the roof where the shingles are missing altogether, this is also a sign that your roof needs a repair. Bad weather and storms can tear the shingles right off your roof, so be certain to inspect it once the weather passes.

Stains Inside the Home

Can you see where water is entering the home? Brown spots on the ceiling or around the edges of the walls are indicators that you have too much moisture getting through the roof. It might be because of the shingles or the underlayment. A professional repair company can help you to identify the cause of the leak and offer a course of action for the repair. If you have an attic, this is most likely where you will spot major leaks first.

Outside Light in the Attic

Most attics are pitch black until you turn the light on. If you wander up during the daylight hours and find the sun shining brightly, you need to have some repair work done. Any areas where the light is coming in will also be areas where rain can find an entrance way. You need to get these areas addressed by a roofing professional.

Shingle Granules in the Gutters

Another major sign that your shingles are at the end of the lifespan is when their granules start to come loose. These granules will look similar to thick black sand that fills up your gutters. If you don’t have gutters, it might be more difficult to spot this problem. However, you can often see granules that have left by looking for inconsistent coloring on the roof. Lighter areas have probably lost some of these granules.

When your roof needs a repair, you need to contact a reliable roofing service company. Roofco has the experience that your home needs to repair your roof in no time at all. We can even help you install a beautiful new roof if your current one is beyond repair. Contact us today for a free estimate!