3 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor to Install Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin March 27, 2018

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You need some repair work done on your roof, but you aren’t sure who to call. Most people have faced the dilemma of hiring a contractor for their home repair at some point in their tenure as homeowners. Selecting a roofing contractor requires a great deal of research and care to ensure you are hiring someone who is fully qualified to perform the work. Even a relatively simple roofing task like installing shingles needs to be done properly to prevent further damage to the roof.

Before you make phone calls to any local contractors, here are a few things you should know about hiring a roofing company.

Are they insured?

Insurance is a must-have item, particularly for roofing contractors. If they were to become injured on the job site without their own insurance, the liability may fall to your homeowner’s insurance. In turn, this can raise your monthly premiums significantly and add to the overall cost of your new shingles. The risk of injury is much greater with roofing than with other construction trades, so you definitely want them to carry their own insurance. You should be on the lookout for both general liability insurance and worker’s comp insurance.

Are they properly trained?

Ask a roofing company what kind of training or certification they received. This should tell you whether they have been properly trained on how to install new shingles on your roof. If they claim to be certified contractors, ask to see their license and paperwork. Check up on them if they claim to be a part of a professional organization of roofers. You can’t simply take them at their word that their training exists. You should be willing to do the homework to find out if it’s true.

Do they have any positive reviews?

Don’t hire a company that has no reviews, no legitimate website, and no positive referrals from friends. This doesn’t bode particularly well for the company’s commitment to your area or to your future job site. Some contractors take advantage of bad storms and go door-to-door searching for clients who may have incurred damage in the storm. These people are often not legitimate contractors who can actually repair your shingles.

You should find a roofing company that a friend or family member has used successfully. Finding more than one family member who has used this company is an even bigger bonus. However, you can also search online for their reviews on the Better Business Bureau. You might even ask for completed project addresses to see their work firsthand.

You can rest assured that Roofco is ready and willing to send qualified residential and commercial roofing contractors to your home. We are rated highly with the Better Business Bureau, carry full liability insurance, and are certified through COR for safety. Ask us for a long list of project addresses and references to put your mind at ease about just how qualified we are to help you install new shingles.