The Importance of Roof Snow Removal in a City Like Winnipeg

Posted by roofcoadmin March 20, 2018

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In the middle of the harsh winter months in Winnipeg, the snow can really stack up. You might find that you have several inches lining the sidewalks and the driveway of your home. When this happens, you get to work with your snow blower and your shovel to start digging your way out of the winter mess. Many homeowners forget to look up when they assess the current state of affairs at their home. However, your roof needs snow removal just as desperately as the rest of your property.

Have you often been tempted to leave the powdery white substance all over the roof? You might want to think again. Calling in the professionals to remove the snow can help to prevent significant long-term damage to your roof and the rest of your property. It can also save you a significant amount of money with the average roof repair coming in around $750. Take a look at a few of these reasons why roof snow removal is absolutely essential for winter.

Snow causes structural damage

You might not be able to see the current problems lurking beneath the shingles of your roof. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t present though. Snow causes significant structural damage to roofs that have already been weakened at their core. When you add the massive weight of several inches worth of thick Winnipeg snow, it might be too much for your roof to withstand.

Frozen gutters might cause severe damage

Heat naturally escapes your Winnipeg home during the winter months when you turn the furnace on full blast. This warmth is usually enough to start melting the bottom layer of snow that is exposed directly to your shingles. The water droplets roll down your roof until they reach the gutters where they refreeze due to contact with the cold metal. Eventually, the gutters become full of ice or icicles. No more water can enter and it starts to build up on the roof shingles, looking for entry into the home. The weight of the icy gutters can also tear them away from the roof and cause significant damage.  

Water damage could harm the inside of your home

Snow is really nothing more than slightly frozen water, so what happens when it starts to melt? Many homeowners might have a small pinhole leak in their roof that they aren’t even aware of until winter comes their way. The water then has the chance to enter the hole and soak into the wood beneath the surface. As the moisture wicks through the wood, it can further damage related to mold growth and wood rot. A severe leak can even start to trickle into the interior of your home, causing damage to the drywall and household items below.

When winter rolls around again, you are going to need professional roof snow removal in Winnipeg from a qualified company. Roofco can help you to remove snow and ice dams quickly and efficiently. By making the choice to remove snow now, you can avoid the long-term damage associated with major roof repair.