When Should I Call Professionals to Remove Ice Dams

Posted by roofcoadmin March 13, 2018

When the ice starts to build up on the edges of your roof, you might start to wonder when the time comes to remove those ice dams. Some homeowners will attempt this removal process on their own, but it really isn’t the wisest choice. Removing an ice dam should always be a task that is left to the professionals in order to prevent extensive damage to your roof. However, most people have a hard time identifying exactly when they need to call in those professionals.

You need to know the signs that your ice dam has become a major issue for your home. If not, it could result in the need for an entirely new roof that costs anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. Here are the three major signs that you should be on the lookout for with your ice dam removal cost.

Ice on Your Siding

This might not seem like a huge deal at first, but ice that is freezing on your siding is a sign that you are getting ready to see moisture inside the home as well. You could already have interior leaking that is being absorbed by your insulation. In this case, it might not have made its presence known to those on the inside of the home yet. Still, the ice that you will find on the outside of your home is an indicator that an interior leak isn’t far behind.

Ice Under the Soffits

The soffits are the part of your roof that allows for circulation and ventilation around the edges. These overhangs are a notorious spot for melting ice dam water to build up and refreeze. Once you notice the ice around your soffits, you definitely need to call in a professional removal company before the water makes its way into your home.

Water Inside Your Home

It is already an emergency if you find water working its way into the interior of your home. You will find this moisture in almost any part of the house. It could be a significant stream of water leaking from the ceiling or damp parts of your floor that have already been exposed. Around the windows, you might notice more moisture creeping inside.

Water coming from the ceiling should be your biggest concern. The drywall in this area can absorb a lot of water before it all comes tumbling down. With a small stream of water flowing down, it can be difficult to determine just how much water the ceiling is already holding onto. It’s best to get this looked at by a professional as quickly as possible to prevent the need for extensive interior and exterior repairs.

Removing an ice dam by yourself can lead to significant damage on the exterior of your home. You should hire a reliable roofing service company like Roofco that is equipped and trained to remove ice dams without causing damage to your shingles. We can help you to get rid of your ice dam before it causes extensive damage to the overall condition of your roof and home.