Which Material Should I Choose for My New Roof?

Posted by Roofco August 21, 2018

There are various things you should give consideration to as you select a new roof system. Durability and price are at the top of the list; however, architectural style and looks are also important. The proper roof system for your building or home is one which balances the following considerations. The below roofing products are commonly utilized for structures with steep slopes.

Asphalt shingles hold a huge share of the United States steep slope roof marketplace and may be reinforced with fiberglass or organic products. Though asphalt shingles that are reinforced with organic felts have been in existence a lot longer, currently fiberglass-reinforced materials dominate the marketplace.

Organic shingles

These comprise of a cellulose-fiber base that’s saturated with asphalt then coated with mineral, colored granules.


These comprise of bottom-and-top asphalt layers, fiberglass mat, as well as mineral granules. The fire resistance of asphalt roof shingles, as with the majority of additional roofing materials, are classified by Class C, Class B, or Class A. Class A will signify the most fire-resistant; Class B and Class C signify less fire resistance. In general, the majority of fiberglass shingles possess Class A fire ratings, and the majority of organic shingles possess Class C-ratings.

The reinforcement of the shingle has little effect upon its appearance. Fiberglass, as well as organic materials come in laminated grades offering a textured look. Copper or zinc-coated or ceramic granules additionally may be applied to fiberglass or organic products to protect against algae attacks, a typical issue in humid areas of the U.S.

Wood shakes and shingles are made from redwood, cedar, pine and additional woods; their natural appearance is popular in areas like California, parts of the Midwest and Northwest. Wood shingles are machine sewn and shakes are handmade; their surfaces are rough. Some building codes in the area restrict using wood shakes and shingles because of fire resistance concerns. Most wood shakes and shingles just have Class C fire ratings or perhaps no ratings, whatsoever. But, Class A fire ratings are obtainable for specific wood shingle materials which incorporate a fire-resistant, factory-applied treatment.

Tile—concrete or clay—is a durable roofing product. Round-topped, Spanish and Mission-style tiles are widely used in Florida and Southwest, and flat styles additionally are available to develop English and French looks. Tile comes in various finishes and colors. Tile is very heavy. If you’re replacing an additional kind of roofing system with tile, you’ll have to check that the structure is able to support the load.

In Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and the United States, slate is quarried. Depending on its origin, it comes in different grades and colors. Considered pretty much indestructible, it is more expensive than additional roofing products.

Metal, mainly considered a low-slope roofing product, has been discovered to be a roofing alternative for building and home owners who have steep slope roofs.

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