The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters to Protect Your Roof

Posted by Roofco August 16, 2018

The falling leaves pile up and the weather changes. They stay inside the gutters as winter sets in and the days turn colder. Your gutters freeze over then, with the thaw of spring, melt. If you have ignored the gutters in the past, they will eventually pull away from your home. And that is when the damage is going to be discovered. The foundation, siding, and perhaps the landscaping may be ruined if you do not take proper care of the gutters.

Too many folks do not take care of their gutters, thinking it to be an uninteresting and unimportant chore. But, cleaning the gutters to protect your roof ought to be penciled in on your upkeep/maintenance calendar at least one time per month.

Protect your house and its value

Gutters permit rainwater from collecting on your roof, along the side of your property and at the foundation of your home. They are made to direct the water away, yet when they are clogged by leaves and additional debris, the water cannot run through them. It’ll lead to three issues that are expensive and may be dangerous for the occupants of the home.


As the water does not have the ability to run cleanly through the gutters, it’ll drip down the side. Whether it is because your gutters have pulled away from your home or because they are too full of debris to hold more fluid, the water still must go some place. Therefore, it’ll drip down the side of your home. It’ll cause the siding to become stained, to rot, and develop ice dams in the wintertime. In addition, the roof will rot. It may lead to needing costly repairs and new roof tiles.

Foundation problems

As your gutters direct water away from the foundation of your home, they’ll send it to an area of the yard or space around your home which may absorb it. But, as the gutters are overflowing or broken, the water will drip down, ultimately causing cracks and making its way inside your basement. It may lead to indoor rot and mold, and it may chip away at your foundation. It may make your entire house unstable and is extremely costly to fix.


Mosquitoes, and additional pests, like nothing more than standing water. Gutters filled with debris still can hold enough water to attract mosquitos and flies. At worst it can wind up exposing your loved ones to illnesses such as West Nile, and at best it’ll make time spent outdoors unpleasant because of bug bite risks.

To avoid foundation, rot, and pest problems caused by unkept gutters, clean them out at least one time per month. Do not just ensure that the debris is out yet, check for mold and be certain that they run clean. If it is challenging, hire an expert. A tiny investment may save you a ton of money in repairs.

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