Benefits and Disadvantages To A Flat Roof Design

Posted by roofcoadmin August 23, 2017

Choosing the right roof for your building is a crucial step for anyone going forward with a home or building design. Whether the building is meant for a single home or for a large corporation, and even regardless of size, the roof of the building is one of the most important things to consider and make sure you think about before you commit to having your building built or renovated.

Without a good roof your building could be structurally unsound or even vulnerable to certain types of weather or temperature conditions, so taking extreme care when making the choice of what type of roof is a very important step to finalizing your design for your building or home.

There are two main types of roofs that you can choose from. The first is a slanted roof, which is traditional to many homes and typically come with the expectation that you will place shingles on them to help shield them and protect them from the elements.

This design is very common and effective with rolling the rain off of your roof, but there are also benefits to the alternative, which is a flat roof design where a material on top of your flat roof is the thing that ends up protecting it. Read on to learn more about how a flat roof can revolutionize your building or home building project.

Benefits and Disadvantages To A Flat Roof Design

Flat Roof Design: Pros And Cons

Having a flat roof is very common for those who are looking for a more modern approach to their home or business. It is very sleek looking and could even amount to having roof space to enjoy yourself or store stuff on, which can help if your property is too narrow to really offer much outdoor space.

The pros of having a flat roof are numerous. The first advantage is that flat roofs are generally cheap to have and maintain. The materials for a flat roof cost a lot less than those with a slanted roof, and things such as maintenance don’t cost nearly as much as well due to the accessibility.

If you are one to want a lot of space and to use your attic as an extra room, having a flat roof offers the most natural looking attic space available, without the slanted design of most attics.

Flat Roof Design: Pros And ConsHowever, there are some disadvantages. The first disadvantage to flat roof designs is the fact that there aren’t that many materials available. While those that are available are fairly inexpensive and easy to install, you won’t be seeing a ton of variety with the choices you make.

Also, when it comes to drainage, there is virtually none. Flat roofs DO drain, but not as effectively and they can very easily gather puddles which can wear down the roofing material and cause leaks over time.

Whether or not you choose a flat roof design is up to you, and we at Roofco online can help you every step of the way. From the shingles, to the soffits and fascia, we can help with any roofing need you may have, so feel free to call or click today!