A beautiful home exterior can put a spring in your step each time you walk to your front door!

Roofco knows firsthand that adding the right elements can increase the love you have for your home, increase its market value and make it the envy of the neighborhood. Exterior improvements to the façade of your home have always created a bountiful return on your initial investment, we can help you accomplish these goals with a budget in mind.


When living in a city with extreme climate change, the eavestroughs system on a home forms an integral part of the roof by directing rain or snow melt into a drainage system away from your foundation. Roofco adds a finishing touch by installing custom flip up down spouts that are easy to flip up on days your yard is being mowed or used for activities.


Soffits are the area under the roof overhang, beginning at the eavestroughs and ending at the exterior walls of your home. Air should flow in through the soffit and flow out of roof vents, if they are blocked, painted shut or non-existent then problems inside the attic or outside on the roof may arise. In some cases, improper soffit ventilation can void a shingles warranty.


Roofco offers a variety of siding products constructed from different materials. Our most popular sellers are Journeymen/Kaycan (Vinyl panels), Hardie (fiber cement board) and KWP (ecological engineered wood board). There are a multitude of styles, colors, finishes, durability, application options, insulation ratings, price ranges etc. A Roofco estimator will help you find the siding product that’s right for you and your home.


Capping refers to the application of an aluminum material over another (usually wood) to provide a weather-proof layer intended to control the wear and tear of natural elements on the finish and seals of the windows and doors. The maintenance and expense of window trims and door frames can be quite costly, Roofco can easily upgrade your home to improve both cosmetics and energy efficiency by capping them with a color finished aluminum.