Repairing Roof Leaks Should Not Be A Headache

Posted by Roofco September 25, 2018

Roof leaks. They are the father of all maintenance woes that building owners and property managers face.

Well, this post is all about emphasizing the importance of immediately handling leaks. Even during the time of inspection, it’ll pay to have a technician address small repair needs while he is available and save on the expense and time of a repeat service call.

If you put it off until the water begins to drip, you’ll risk greater repair expenses, as well as the added cost of inside damage. In addition, that will put you within a reactionary mode and force you to wait for a repair tech to get there.

How might something so tiny cause such big issues? Above and beyond the damage to your roof, roof leaks may cause a multitude of massive headaches in the building. Referred to as “consequential damage,” those problems will probably be covered by any warranty, and if neglected, the price of addressing such woes may be much greater than what it would’ve cost to proactively maintain the roof in the first place. Below we list 5 common types of consequential damage from leaks:

Ceiling tiles falling as well as causing damage to your inventory

It does not take much of a roof leak before water causes ceilings, floors, and walls to deteriorate to the point that it will also damage furniture, inventory, and equipment in the building. Now the rood leak is impacting your capability of sell, manufacturing or merely performing work.

Slip and fall accidents

It is seldom a good indication when somebody from HR gets involved in your maintenance issues; however, that is exactly what will happen as water from leaks causes a slip and fall accident – that is workers’ comp claims – in the building. Lawsuit risks will worsen if a building is one in which customers might be there.

Wet insulation

As insulation gets damp it’ll wreak havoc on your energy expenses. It’ll go from being an insulator, and save you cash, to a conductor, which costs you extra funds to cool and heat the building.


Further, damp insulation is a mold breeding ground, and it isn’t uncommon to see cases of bacteria and mold growth around and in a roofing system, which results from roofing leaks. Bug infestation is one other possible consequence. Expenses to mitigate mold or exterminate pests may add up, not to mention interruptions to business operations and code violations.

Acceleration of the roof’s age

The key to the management of roof-associated costs includes getting the most service life out of the roofing as possible. You’ll want to avoid pricey replacements as long as you can through disciplined and timely upkeep, restorations, and repairs. Water penetrating your roof through a leak will get underneath the membrane of the roof and will destroy the seams, deck, and mechanical fasteners, which as a result, compromises the roof. In cooler climates, it may lead to ice forming underneath the laps, which, via expansion, will further stress the roof and structure.

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