Winter Is Coming, Should I Check My Roofing Before It?

Posted by Roofco September 30, 2018

Avoid a massive problem with your roof in the middle of winter by getting a roofing inspection now! Here, we list the biggest indications that you need an inspection of your roof before winter arrives.

  1. Missing, Leaning, Cracking Mortar: Mortar ought to be in uniform, solid shape. Missing, leaning, and cracking parts of your mortar may be correlated with an unsteady roof.
  2. Drooping or Bending: If the roof line looks as if it is curving, it ought to be inspected by an expert roofing company.
  3. Ice Dams: As the snow goes through a freezing/melting sequence, ice will build up and form a dam inside the gutters. As the roof isn’t vented properly, heat may escape through the roof shingles, and cause the dormant snow on the roof to melt. Melted snow will slide down the roof and will accumulate in your gutters, in which it re-freezes. In order to assist in preventing ice dams, keep the gutters free of debris. You also can softly sweep the snow off of the corner of the roof and check that the attic is vented properly to keep heat from going to your roof.
  4. Sounds: Whistling winds inside the house, in addition to doors opening on their own and door frames changing, may be indications of an unsteady roof.
  5. Shingle Granules: Seen most often as you clean your gutters, shingle granules appear like coarse sand. As they’re discovered, it’s a likely indication that the shingles must be replaced.
  6. Dampness: Oftentimes, dampness happens in a house because there isn’t the right clearing of debris inside the downspouts and drains. Additionally, if damp air isn’t being properly vented, it may seep inside the attic and cause roof instability. It’s especially a problem in bathrooms and kitchens.
  7. Missing, Cracking, or Breaking Shingles: Typically easier to find, these aspects are indications of possible roofing issues.
  8. Roof Leaks: A roof leak may be checked from the interior of your house. A roof leak is an indication that the roof was compromised. Indications of a roof leak involve: dark spots, dripping, sagging areas, as well as an outdoor light shining in. Joists ought to be observed for fungus, rot, dampness, and woodworm.
  9. Buckling and Curling: As direct sunlight reaches a roof’s surface, it’ll cause granules to weaken and roof shingles to begin to curl.
  10. Flat Roof: Because of a flat roof’s lack of pitch, minor issues may be difficult to spot, yet are equally as harmful because of the tendency for water to stand there.
  11. Avoid any major roof problems by arranging an inspection of the roof before the ice and snow arrives.

As an award-winning company, our expert roofers are skilled at diagnosing impending and existing roof issues. Whether it is a simple fix or full re-roof, we will advise you on all of your options, in order for you to make the most educated decision for your budget and your home.

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