The Different Kinds of Soffit Panels for Your Home

Posted by roofcoadmin June 23, 2017

The soffit panels serve as the link in between the roofing extension and the siding of your home.

While soffit panels are most commonly used around the main roof of a house, they can also be used under staircases and under porches, among other parts of a structure which has a visible ceiling.

Listed in this article are the different kinds of soffit panels which you can find in houses and which you can definitely choose from for your own home. They can add appeal to the façade of your home when chosen right and installed properly. As well, they serve functional purposes other than enhancing the appearance of the exterior of your home.

the wooden soffit panels

The Different Kinds of Soffit Panels for Your Home

The Wooden Soffit Panels

The wooden soffit panels will work best for your home if you want to give it an aging yet elegant rustic look.

However, the wooden soffit panels require significant amount of caring and special maintenance. That is why homes constructed over the past two or three decades with the wooden soffit panels which are still as beautifully looking yet sophisticatedly older in fashion must have been taken care of by the homeowners. After all, the extra efforts invested in the proper and delicate upkeep of the wooden soffits will be worthy of the way they present themselves and add aesthetic value to your residence.

The Vinyl Soffit Boards

The vinyl soffit boards are perhaps the most popular amongst the types of soffit panels.

The vinyl soffit boards come with durability and affordability and are very useful and practical in terms of function. Prevention of rotting or decaying of the vinyl soffit boards as well as of the surrounding structural parts of the house which they support is efficiently achieved because this type of soffits do not allow for water to permeate the material despite long, heavy rainfall.

They are a great option for replacement of older and worn out soffit boards in any type of residential structure too.

The vinyl soffit boards will be fitting for any types or design of home as they come in a variety of patterns, colors, and fashion. They also boast of ease of maintenance and installation which add to its lower pricing relative to other soffits. Because the vinyl soffit boards can withstand even the strongest of rainfall, they are also known to last longer than most of the other soffit types in the market.

The UPVC Soffits Panels

the vinyl soffit boardsThe UPVC soffits are basically made out of plastic which makes them enduring of any forms of rotting due to extreme weather conditions. They can be customized and be turned into almost any appealing design to your personal liking and following your individual preference.

Apart from the variations which the UPVC soffits can offer, they are also highly efficient in terms of energy use at home, i.e., you will spend less of home heating and cooling systems.

If your house is located in an area where the general climate is either too warm or too cold, then the UPVC soffits will be the perfect soffit panel option for you. If you are looking to save more on utility bills and other maintenance costs, UPVC soffits are also some of the more appropriate soffit types to consider getting installed in your home.