What’s That Strange Noise Coming From the Roof?

Posted by roofcoadmin February 3, 2019

Is it some animal seeking warmth? Or is it just the wind? You keep hearing some popping, snapping and cracking sounds coming from your roof at the wee hours of the night and you’re convinced that your house is haunted. The noises may not have a pattern, and will often happen at random, keeping you up at night. Knowing the possible causes of those startling noises will help you decide when to call a contractor to inspect your roof, and when to just curl up in the blanket and simply just ignore the popping. Or better still, get some foam earplug to limit the noise disruption for some quiet sleep.

Physics may have something to do with it

During winter, the effects of thermal expansion and contraction on the roof are more notable. Normally, the days will be warmer and sunny but at night, temperatures drop dramatically. This causes rapid shrinking of the exposed building materials which then explains the creaking and snapping noises in cold seasons. At night when the temperatures fall, the roof components rub against each other as they cool off, causing the noises. As the staples contract making some loud cringing noise, the wood rubs against one another, causing the creaking sounds. Improving insulation in your roof will not only moderate temperatures, but also reduce outside noises.

Mother nature has piled up some ice on your roof

When mother nature decides to pile frozen precipitation on your roof, it may produce unusually loud popping and creaking sounds. Beyond the startling noises, snow accumulation on the roof should be a cause for alarm requiring you to take prompt action. If you notice signs of gutters pulling away from the roofing, a sagging roof, or a leaking roof, remedy the situation by inviting Winnipeg roof snow removal experts to stop further damage. Left unattended, excessive weight from snow will eventually cause severe structural roof problems and eventually, this may cause serious property damage. Flat roofs are particularly more vulnerable to snow accumulation.

Mice be gone!

Though the gnawing or scratching noises may sound like an apparition in the attic. In reality, however, it’s the tiny nails or teeth of rodents in the roof. In the kingdom of rodents, rats and mice happen to be the most adaptable in regards to habitat. As a fact, mice will happily coexist with humans in different environments. This explains why they are such a persistent nuisance to humanity. Rodents are notorious for squeezing in incredibly small spaces to gain entry. Any gaps in your sealing, cracks, and holes in your roof and vents all make great entryways for rats. Mice will also easily gnaw through wood, so old roofing may be more prone to these unwanted guests. You can discourage rodents from entering your attic by calling a roofing contractor to inspect and seal any entryways.

All houses, whether new or old, make plenty of noise. Furnaces hum, air conditioners vibrate, and wooden floors creak. You might not notice this house-sound symphony during the day, but as things calm down at night, all those noises become more heightened. Of importance is to know which noises are a cause for concern.