4 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore A Shingle Roof Leak

Posted by Roofco July 27, 2018

What will happen when you see your shingle roof is leaking? You knew it was not going to last forever; therefore, you are not that surprised, yet you might not feel like repairing it immediately. Do you get the leak fixed or ignore it?

While it is tempting to ignore the leak and hope that it disappears on its own, the better recourse is to just get it repaired. One other error you might make is waiting to fix the leak until there’s a bigger issue. Bundling repairs seldom saves money as putting off repairs may make things worse, as well as more expensive.

The average price of roof repairs easily can reach $700 and up—an expensive repair which may be avoided with a little attentive upkeep. A roof leak may occur even to the most diligent homeowners; therefore, learn about a few of the causes to get them fixed as soon as you can.

Causes of Roof Leaks

Below are a few of the warning signs and causes of roof leaks you must be aware of:

Age of your roof’s initial construction. Roof materials aren’t infinite in their capability of warding off the elements. They’re subjected to regular wear and tear that eventually will cause a leak if routine upkeep isn’t done. Weather conditions and temperature fluctuations both especially affect wooden roof materials. Even if there are non-wooden shingles, the intense summertime heat may cause the tar to melt and threaten the roof’s structural integrity.

Shallow slope. Shallow slopes will lift underneath strong winds and cause water to get underneath. Make sure that the materials of your roof are installed correctly, specifically if you just bought a house.

Indications of Roof Leaks

Water spots. They are on the ceiling and are one of the telltale indications that water is accumulating inside that particular space. Typically, water spots are a symptom of a slow leak that may be hard to pinpoint. The reason it is a challenge to find the source is because water does not necessarily drip down: it may travel through panels on the roof or through holes inside the timber.

Buckling shingles. These may be caused by movement inside the roof’s deck.

Exterior wall is moldy. A wall with moss or mold growing on it may be caused by a problem with your downspouts or gutters. If one of those is leaking, you might notice signs of erosion and see moisture on the building exterior’s sides.

Leaks as temperatures fluctuate. Within the wintertime, the roof might be attempting to tell you that there’s an ice dam, which is caused by a pattern of thawing and freezing. The water may get underneath the shingles and leak into your house.

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This process of renovation may be expensive if the problem is left to compound.

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