Top 3 Reasons You Should Have A Roof Inspection

Posted by Roofco August 1, 2018

Roofs are like tires. We just pay them any attention if a problem comes up, and we just replace them if we absolutely have to. However, as we do imagine tires and regularly maintain them, we may extend their usefulness. Likewise, we must make sure that the roof gets the correct upkeep to extend its life.

Extending the life of the roof begins with routine inspections. According to NRCA roofs should be inspected two times per year: one time after the coolest weather, one time after the warmest weather. (And it always is an excellent idea to evaluate your roof after a major event.) However, why should they be evaluated, and what should we hope to find in doing that?

Every roof must be inspected it is a steep roof or a low slope roof. A low slope roof is one that has slopes of under 3:12; whereby a roof that has a slope higher than 3:12 is thought to be a steep roof. Low slope roofs ought to have at least 2% slope, which is around 1⁄4” per foot.

Here, we list the three most common reasons to get a rood inspection at least two times a year.

Aging and Weathering

The benchmark lifespan for bituminous, multi-ply low slope roofs is 20 – 30 years; around 15 – 25 years for the majority of single-ply roofing. Every roof goes through regular aging and weathering, and the effects of these factors usually are visible. As a roof ages and weathers normally, openings might happen and lead to infiltration of water. Routine inspections will call immediate attention to weathered spaces and allow the homeowner to arrange upkeep on those deficiencies to prevent more destruction.

Regular Maintenance Destruction

If the roof you have isn’t properly protected, damage may happen from tradesmen performing upkeep on ACs and additional systems. Sometimes this happens because of contractors not closing mechanical accessibility panels on roofs or they can leave refrigerant containers. Additionally, maintenance trades oftentimes do not clean their debris. Things left on roofing may become flying items in strong winds. A routine inspection program integrates roof cleaning within the continuous maintenance pattern.

Storm Damage

Hail, high winds, and additional weather conditions may cause damage to roofing, which might trigger insurance claims or repairs. Roofs must immediately be inspected after weather conditions to prevent more damage caused by infiltration of water. Destruction from hail or winds may be small and require little more than slight maintenance, or the issues may be major and require a full roof replacement. Insurance adjusters stated that a substantial bit of storm damage actually is caused by components, material, or debris that is blown from roofs within high winds. Tree branches and limbs may fall on roofs and create substantial damage. Roofing blow-offs begin at the perimeter, and as roofs aren’t installed or designed properly to offer the right perimeter securement, serious damage may happen. The damage that is caused by storms might cost even more money and require emergency repairs.

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