4 Things You Need to Know about Shingle Roofs

Posted by Roofco July 22, 2018

More houses are protected with shingles than any additional kind of roofing material. As a matter of fact, they top more than 80% of the houses. Though, even if you always have had a shingle roof on your house, you might not know much about this material and why it is so popular.

Roof Shingles: What are they?

Such shingles refer to the kind of roof covering, consisting of several individual overlapping pieces. The pieces may be of different materials yet usually are flat and rectangular – perfect for layering. Usually, they’re layered from the bottom up, and offset from the neighboring shingle and with each row covering all joints of the row underneath it. Below are facts about shingles you will find relevant as the time comes to replace an existing roof.

Shingle Roofs Are Long-Lasting and Durable

As shingles are installed skillfully, they are a durable material option which may protect your house for the next 20 years, or longer. Precisely how long the roof lasts depends upon the shingle’s grade and the quality of installation. Many roofing manufacturers provide 3 quality grades which all offer Class A fire protection. Higher-end, thicker shingles generally have better wind resistance ratings and last longer.

Shingles Are Cost-Effective Roof Options

Shingles are the most affordable roof material out there today, particularly compared with other choices such as wood shakes, slate, and metal. They are one of the easiest roofing materials to work with, as well; therefore, they cost less to install. Manufacturers will back up their shingles with warranties against any defects for spans of 15 – 30 years, and additionally provide you the choice of an extended lifetime or 50-year warranty on their high-grade products as they are put in by a factory-certified shingle contractor.

They’re Recyclable

If you are worried about sustainability, you probably are concerned with adding multiple tons of waste to the landfill in your area as you replace the roof. Selecting a shingle roof is an environmentally-friendly solution because many shingles are completely recyclable. It also is simple to locate a contractor who’s dedicated to recycling and sustainability by searching for certifications.

There Are Shingles that Match All Aesthetics

Shingles come in an amazing array of color blends and solid colors, from classic grays and black, to warm earth tones, as well as more contemporary greens, reds, and blues. Depending on the appearance you want to accomplish, it’s also possible to choose a distinctive shingle profile which beautifully duplicates the texture and appearance of wood shakes, tile, or slate.

Regardless of the roof covering you pick, if incorrectly installed, it’ll never do its job. Avoid weak and leaky roofing by contacting the professionals for installations and assessments. At Roofco, it’s possible to rest assured that you’re receiving the best coverage for your budget and your home.

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