Asphalt Roof Repair

Posted by roofcoadmin May 16, 2018


The roof is easily one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects the inside from the elements and any unwanted debris. However, every roof will need some type of minor repair from time to time. Asphalt roofs are really no different from the other styles that can be dented, dinged, or torn up with exposure to extreme weather. The key is knowing when your asphalt roof really needs to be repaired.

The average cost of an asphalt roof repair is around $570, so it makes sense to ensure that the repair is necessary first. Take a closer look at your roof to see if it shows any of these signs of needing a repair.

Curling Shingles

Curled shingles usually surface on a much older roof. The roof is usually about two decades old when you start to see shingles that curl around the edges. You will usually see curling shingles in the areas where the sunlight hits the hardest. However, it can happen in any area of the roof. Individual shingles can be replaced when you find them. Keep in mind that you may be better off replacing the entire roof if you have lots of curling shingles. The same goes for any of the issues on this list.

Cracked Shingles

Do you have a lot of high or heavy winds around your home? Shingles can actually crack after being exposed to a steady degree of high winds. A few of these cracked shingles can easily be replaced by a professional. If they continue to keep cracking over time, you will need to consider getting an entirely new roof within the following five years.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can signal a major problem for the interior of your home. The shingles help to keep moisture out of your house, but they will have a hard time if there are fewer shingles. Be sure to have a professional replace any missing shingles on your roof with a close match. It may not be exact due to aging. If the mismatch is too dramatic for your preferences, you can always consider replacing the entire roof.

Bald Shingles

Your shingles all have a thick layer of granules over the surface that helps them to do their job better. Over time, the granules might come loose and wind up in the gutter. You can identify these granules in the gutter because they look like thick black sand. If your shingles are lacking their granules, the experts refer to these as bald shingles. They can be replaced if they are only bald in certain sections or you may need to replace the entire roof.

When your roof starts to show these major signs of needing repair, you need to contact the most knowledgeable roofers in Winnipeg. At Roofco, we have the skill and experience necessary to help you repair your shingles or replace the entire roof. Be sure to call us today to request your free no obligation quote!