Why Protect Your Green Roof with Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin January 9, 2018

Let me introduce to you—The Environment. It is technically the biggest thing we’ll ever be a part of—the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the jungles, the insects, the free air.

Have you seen those picturesque photos of places like the Swedish winter, or the New Zealand spring, or even Canada’s rainforests? They give you a sense of peace, a feeling of tranquility, the impression that you are one with the universe. But this is not what is in the real world now.

Why Protect Your Green Roof with Shingles

Go Green

Yes, there are still scenic places like those we just imagined, but there are a lot more areas where the environment is not only taken for granted, but dare I say, has been abused. If you’ve ever heard of this phrase “Go Green”, then that’s probably a wake up call for you.

This term, which admittedly might be a little misleading because “green” usually implies plants and fruits and vegetables and other produce, but the word here entails a more broader and more universal spectrum.

Basically, the “Go Green” campaign is a worldwide movement which aims to restore, re-develop, and defend the environment from any and all threats. And if you want to know what the biggest threat is, I’ll give you one guess.

Yes, it’s us! When I said that the environment was taken for granted and abused, I didn’t just mean places in third world countries or the famine-stricken nations in the African continent. This is happening even in our own backyard, and maybe in our own homes.

Protection Priority

“What are you saying dude? That I’m killing the universe?” Potentially. If you’ve ever used hairspray, then you have. If you’ve ever thrown a plastic bottle into the ocean, then you have. If you’ve ever driven a vehicle that uses diesel (and to a lesser extent gasoline), then you most certainly have.

So don’t feel too much guilt, everyone has injured the environment in our own little ways, they just don’t know it. But now that you know, you have the choice to change that. Instead of hurting the Mother Earth, why don’t we start protecting her? How do we do that?

Shingle Shmingle

Well, we can start by not throwing away those plastic bottles; why don’t we start collecting them instead? And maybe even educate our family, our friends, our co-workers on the benefit of helping our planet, which is a very good idea to say the least—it’s the only planet we have.

What in the world does this have to do with green roof shingles? Hear me out. A lot of people are starting to do something about it. Some people join movements, others build green roofs (which is basically the roof of any building or house which is covered with the greens we talked about—vegetation and his friends), and others are informing people through social media.

The Importance of Green Roof Shingles for Your Homes

Free Quotation

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