The Advantages Of Teak Shingles

Posted by roofcoadmin January 12, 2018

Would you like to have a sturdy and reliable roofing system for your house which also gives good aesthetics to your overall house structure? Then you might want to consider installing teak shingles for residential roofs.

Choosing the right roofing system is essential to building an effective residential structure. Thus, it is important that you consider the different aspects of selecting the right roof materials. This may include the quality and durability, special features, aesthetics, installation, and maintenance costs, as well as the price of the material itself.

teak shingles for residential roofs

A Great Quality Custom Wood Shingle Roof

The wood roofs have been used by many home structures for many years now. They have been popular for an efficient insulation which keeps the indoors cold during the hot summer days and warm on the winter seasons. Moreover, they have classic designs which don’t get old.

One drawback of the wooden roofs before was that they can be easily be eaten by fire in case of any accidents. However, with today’s technology, coatings are applied for these roofs to have resistance to fire.

If you have considered on getting wood roofs for your house, the laminated architectural teak shingle roofing may be a great choice. Check out below for its advantages.

The Advantages Of Teak Shingles For Residential Roofs


  1. Durable Timber


Teak is a type of wood that has a durable quality. It is used to build ships, furniture, and building structure, among others. The duration of the teak can last for longer years compared to many other types of woods. Thus, maintaining it is easier, less costly, and less frequently.


  1. Wind Resistant


Strong winds may blow away and damage the shingles, or any parts of the roof deck. Fortunately, the laminated architectural teak shingle roofing has wind resistant properties. How the layers of teak shingles are installed and sealed makes the entire roof sturdy. Thus, when strong winds occur, the shingles won’t easily get ripped or damaged. This, in turn, provides better protection to your home interior for a longer period.


  1. Energy Efficient


A great quality custom wood shingle roof also provides better energy efficiency to your home. Since less heat from the sun is absorbed by the wood, only a minimal amount of heat can also pass through the interiors. Similarly, during the cold seasons, it provides better insulation to your home interior. Thus, you may not need to use so much energy to provide warmth or to cool your place. By being energy efficient, you also save some bucks from paying your monthly bills.


  1. Better Curb Appeal


Aside from its durability, its efficiency with protecting the interior, and being energy efficient, the teak shingles for residential roofs are also aesthetically good. Choosing from a variety of styles that fits the design structure of your residential home helps increase the curb appeal of your entire house.

great quality custom wood shingle roof

Install A Laminated Architectural Teak Shingle Roofing


Are you looking on which great quality custom wood shingle roof to choose for your residential home structure? With these great advantages of the teak shingles, you’ll be able to get the full value of what you pay for. Shop for great quality teak shingles at ROOFCO today for a sturdy and reliable wooden roofing system.