Roof Maintenance Saves Money

Posted by Roofco July 12, 2018

It’s unfortunate that most times roofs on Winnipeg commercial buildings often are ignored until there’s a huge problem, like missing shingles, a leak, or water clinging to the commercial building’s ceiling. As an issue grows to be extremely large, many companies are unnerved to discover that it’ll cost a lot of money to have it fixed. Like most things, it’s always better to catch any issues while they’re still minor, which is the reason why preventative roof maintenance is always suggested.

A small up-front investment occasionally pays off. Although the story has shifted over time, New College replaced its 1371 dining hall’s huge oak roofing timbers by harvesting oaks that were planted centuries of years earlier for this type of renovation. According to Atlas Obscura, the small acorns were provided plenty of time — about 492 years — to reach the sizes necessary for the 1863 restoration. A tiny investment of money and time for roof maintenance may also pay off for facilities managers.

Time Investment

How long will roof maintenance take you and a commercial, professional roofer you engage? For you, it might literally be minutes. Call Roofco, your trustworthy, local commercial roofer and book an appointment for our highly trained roofers to come to your place of business for a service call.

The project takes a couple of hours, yet results in a carefully maintained, clean roof. If you choose to begin with a complete inspection, you might have to commit more of your time to work with the foreman to catalog and talk about possible problems. Still, as compared with the time necessary to execute and plan an emergency repair project, it’s very little time from your day.

Money Investment

Give consideration to the charges which will quickly mount for an emergency roof call:

  • Materials
  • Crew time
  • Off-hours service charges
  • Equipment

Add to this your own crew’s time attempting to handle the emergency until the specialists arrive. You’re spending a ton of money on an unplanned repair when you might’ve used a fraction of those funds on planned roofing maintenance.


Investments of money and time you make on an ongoing basis might not seem as if they’re paying off. However, consider: each year it’s possible to put off tear-off or re-roofing, and replacement is money inside your pocketbook.

Conscientious maintenance of your roof provides you time to save for your new roof, prepare for the opportune season and year, and avoid additional costs for rushed work. Also, with routine maintenance, it’s possible to gain an accurate prediction for just when your old roof is going to require replacement.

Why Choose Roofco?

Roofco is a leader in roof preservation, roof maintenance, and commercial roof replacement. Call us today at (204) 487-7663 to learn more information on our roof maintenance plans which may save all facilities managers money and time, while lengthening the time the roof stays in service.

For more information on how roof maintenance saves you money contact the   Winnipeg roofers of Roofco today!