Types Of Home Siding That You Can Choose

Posted by roofcoadmin October 31, 2017

Are you looking for different types of home siding materials for your new home or building?

The siding of our house protects from the different weather conditions. Moreover, they are also on the front line to the overall look of our home.

different types of home siding materials

Different Types Of Home Siding Materials

There are many popular house siding material options that you can choose. Aside from their features, you must also select them according to the design of your house.

If you have a modern house design, here is a guide to the different types of exterior sidings to choose from:

Popular Exterior House Siding Material Options

  1. Vinyl: For new homes, vinyl siding is by far among the most popular exterior house siding material options. About 30% of new homes that are built in the U.S. today have vinyl exterior siding. It is cheap and easy to clean and maintain. There are a variety of choices when it comes to colors and textures. You can choose insulated vinyl for efficient energy consumption. They are also durable, with warranties ranging from 30-40 years. You have to make sure they are correctly installed, or the water may seep underneath the siding which can cause early damage. The paint is also prone to fading after some years, but you can always repaint it.


  1. Metal: If you have a contemporary type of home or building, then you might want to consider having a metal exterior siding. Made from aluminum or steel, they provide a unique aesthetic to your structure. It is also commonly used by houses near the coastal area. This is because the metal siding is resilient to hail and protection from the salty air. It is eco-friendly and requires little maintenance. It is resistant to fire, and, unlike the vinyl types, you don’t need to repaint them as the color doesn’t fade.


  1. Wood: If you want to have a more natural look to your home’s exterior, then the wood types can be your exterior siding of choice. The natural color and the changing tones of the wood provides a cozy and comfortable ambiance. You can choose different varieties, with cedar, pine, spruce, and redwood being among the most popular choices. One of the benefits includes being able to replace damaged or worn out sections when repairs are warranted, as well as providing excellent insulation for better energy efficiency. It is better to leave the natural, timeless colors of the wood, but should you want to paint it with other colors, you are free to do so. Some of the negatives, however, include wood is not fire resistant. Maintenance can also cost a fortune as it can be prone to damage from water and insects especially when not appropriately coated.

popular exterior house siding material options

Buying The Types Of Exterior Siding

Choosing the siding you want requires you to compare the pros and cons of each according to the features and aesthetics. Choose from the different types of home siding materials for new homes today and protect your interior from the sometimes challenging weather conditions.