The Different Types of Soffit Board to Choose From

Posted by roofcoadmin November 12, 2017

Sometime in a year, your soffit board may rot or decay. Degradation of soffits may be brought by too much rain or nesting birds. The rotted boards can bring unfavorable effects to your fascia, rafter, ceiling, and roof.

Replacement of soffit usually could range from $20 to $30 per linear foot installed. The total price depends on the size of your property and type of material you use.

But what is a soffit board? What functions could it offer to your home?

The Different Types of Soffit Board to Choose From

The Soffit Board and Its Function

A soffit is coined from the French word “formed as a ceiling.” It is the Latin equivalent of “to fix underneath.” Exterior soffits are placed below the ends of the rafter.

Soffit boards have both aesthetic and functional role for your home’s roofing system. The soffits cover your eaves as well as protect your rafters from weather elements. Soffits prevent bats and birds into your house and provide ventilation to your attic.

These boards block wind and water from entering your house. Soffits together with the gutters and fascias should have to undergo repair and repainting. If it is not adequately maintained, it may house unwanted waters.

Also, hire experts that can properly install your soffits to avoid problems. You may choose from the different types of soffits. Common soffit boards are wood, steel, fiber cement, aluminum, and vinyl.

Materials Used for a Soffit Board

Soffits come from different materials. Some come from woods while others are made of uPVC, wood, aluminum, steel or fiber cement.

The first material for soffits is wood. If you want to have an old look for your house, you may choose wooden soffits. Proper maintenance of wooden boards can make it last.

The uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most popular soffits. It offers customized designs to meet the needs of the customers.

Metal soffit comes with aluminum metal siding and is durable. This material comes in standard sizes of 16-inch to 24-inch pieces that are cut later upon installation. This board has vented panels to facilitate air circulation.

Another choice that you can have is the steel soffit board. Steel soffit boards offer different colors. However, it is expensive.

The fiber cement material is the least favorite type since this is expensive.

What Soffit Board Is Best for You?

Aluminum and vinyl soffits are the widely used types. These types are the most cost-effective with regards to manufacturing, installation, and weights. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the different kinds of soffits.

Aluminum soffit fits different spaces. It is durable, non-combustible and water resistant. However, it is more expensive than vinyl, easily dented and cannot insulate efficiently.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is an affordable choice. This best for insulation and suitable for high moisture places. But this is easily damaged by heat and more difficult to trim.

Vinyl soffit is energy efficient and would last long despite extreme weather conditions.

Woods are expensive and can decay in the long run and has high maintenance costs. But if you want to add elegance to your house; this can be the best choice.

Steel is more durable than the other types. Nonetheless, it’s costly.

What Soffit Board Is Best for You

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