Why Choose Wooden Types of Fascia Board?

Posted by roofcoadmin November 23, 2017

Your existing fascia boards may have been damaged. The damage may have been caused by the exposure to an element or due to improper installation. At any cost, you would repair or replace it.

There are four types of fascia boards that you could choose from according to its material. These are the wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum fascia board.

Out of the four types of fascia boards, why should you choose the wood types of fascia board?

different types of fascia boards

What Is a Wood Fascia Board?

This board is a piece of wood. The materials for fascia board are no. 2 construction lumber spruce, fir or pine. For a rustic look, you can choose cedar which is resistant to weather.

You may nail this board to the exterior portion of the roof or end of the rafter. These type of board can be damaged by termites, changing weather conditions or improper installation. However, replacing this kind of board is an easy and quick task to do.

This type is the least expensive among the four alternatives. However, this should be primed and regularly painted to extend its life.

How to Replace a Wood Fascia Board

Since the wood types of fascia board are easy to install and replace, you can do it yourself. To do it, you will need a ladder, circular saw, nails, silicone caulk, paint and brush, tape measure, hammer, fascia boards, and primer. Here is the step by step guide for you.

Step 1: The first step is the preparation. You must assess your house to determine the boards that need replacement. If you have enough supply of fascia boards, you may replace everything.

Measure the dimensions of the fascia boards and buy boards with the same dimensions. Prime and paint first the boards before you trim and install.

Step 2: The next step is the removal of the old fascia board. You must place the ladder near the boards that must be replaced. Pry away the boards from the rafters.

Be sure to watch out for the gutter, soffit, and walls to prevent damages.

Step 3: Step 3 is the installation of the replacement fascias. You must place the boards on the rafter ends. Fascia board must be butted securely in the nearest boards then drive the nails into the rafter.

Step 4: Apply silicone caulk bead on the top edge and joints where the board meets. Then the installation process is now complete.

When doing the job, you must always wear safety goggles and do it carefully.

Costs of a Wood Fascia Board

A wood fascia would cost $1 to $3 per linear foot. Installation of a ranch knotty pine fascia ranges from $6 to $& per linear foot. This board has already a single coat primer and finish coat.

You may ask estimates from different contractors to compare prices.

how to change a fascia board

Wood Fascia Board Is Just for You

If you have a limited means and the replacement is urgent, choose the wood types of the fascia board. Though this is susceptible to rot and decay, it has cheap installation costs. If you already have the means, you may select from those expensive and durable ones.
If you are too busy to install your boards by yourself, you may contact a contractor. They are good at replacing damaged boards and repairing scratched ones.